• App Review: Clean Master for Android

    There are many resource management apps available on the Google Play store, which allow the user to either clean the RAM, close apps, manage files, but one app stands out from the crowd. Clean Master is one app which does all.

    Clean Master provides management of the following:

    The app’s design is clean and beautiful. The user interface has also been well planned out, and any one can start using this app immediately.

    When you open the app, you are shown the storage information and RAM information on the top half of your screen. The bottom half of the screen contains buttons to the features mentioned above. Pressing on either one of the features, opens up the screen of the respective feature.

    The animation which is shown as the data is compiled, is just beautiful. The design and user interaction team has done well to design this app.

    Clean Master is a highly useful as it allows the user to keep his device in check and to make sure that any unwanted resources are not being used. The main use of this app is to keep the resources being used in check. As a result, the battery life will last longer as only a handful of user apps will be running hence less use of RAM.

    This feature allows the user to clean the junk files, those files which have been discarded by the apps but are taking up space in the memory. The less the RAM will be used the better the device will be performed.

    There is also an advanced functionality which further allows the user to remove all files linked with the apps. This even includes videos or pictures which are on the device memory.  Using this feature may remove all of your app’s data (which you select to clean) and your app’s functioning will be affected. Be careful if you use the advanced functionality.

    This feature allows the user to stop and remove any of the running app from  RAM.

    This app even provides an antivirus software which scans the apps for any problematic apps. The antivirus software has been provided by AVTest.

    This feature allows shows the user list of installed apps, and allows him to either backup or uninstall the app. The user can also sort the list on a number of different parameters such as frequency of use, date used, app size, etc…

    Clean Master is one feature packed app, and I highly recommend this application. You will not regret using this application, as it will help you keep your device remain healthy. Is that not what we want?


    • Clean Master Android App Review by Mustafa Neguib
      Clean Master Android App Review by Mustafa Neguib

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  • App Review: Horror Escape Puzzle Game for Android

    I was checking out my friend’s Android smart phone, looking for any good apps or games that he has installed so that i could install on my smart phone.

    I came across this puzzle game by the name of Horror Escape where you have to solve puzzles by finding clues. There are many other apps which follow the same style of hiding clues and then the user has to find them, but i found this game intriguing as it has a back story, and the ambiance of the game suites it quite well.

    From what i have found so far, is that there is an evil guy who has locked the character(you) in a building, and he has left clues for you to find in order to escape. When you find one clue it leads to the next clue. I like detective and puzzle games, where i have to solve a case, and i love Sherlock Holmes, one of the best detectives that i have read about (i am reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes at the moment).

    This game is constructed in such a way that there are levels, where each level is a room. There are a total of 15 levels in this game. One requires patience and needs to harness his collective powers of thinking in order to find the clues and eventually escape from the building.

    I myself am at level 6 and i am stuck at it. What i am really impressed is the way the clues are hidden in each level. One has to actually look for them, by pressing on everything hoping that some clue pops up. There is no animation, but the graphics are professional and realistic, which further helps bring the detective in you out to help your character to escape.

    If puzzle games fancy you, then I highly recommend this game, but this is a good time kill for others as well.

    • Horror Escape Game Review by Mustafa Neguib
      Horror Escape Game Review by Mustafa Neguib

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  • App Review: Recordable Android Screen Recorder App


    There are many ways to make screen recordings of your android app. In Android kit Kat 4.4 there is a built in feature where you can use and to record your device’s screen as you use your app via the adb software bundled with the Android SDK. There are other free apps as well, but many of them require your device to be rooted, which not everyone is comfortable with especially me as it can brick your device if gone wrong.

    Wanting to make a demo for my app Inbox My Articles Offline RSS Reader I was pleased to find Recordable an Android screen recorder app which does not require your device to be rooted. However you need to download a free software onto your computer which then sets up the application for you. I was happy to see that Linux is also supported and in my case Ubuntu. Other supported operating systems are Windows and Mac.

    UX, Design and Ease of Use

    The user interface is very minimal, where there are only three screens in the app, the first two show the list of videos recorded, second other for the settings, and lastly to play the video.
    The app is very easy to use, and for first time users, instructions are given on the home page which are then replaced by the list of videos when you have at-least one video saved.
    The minimal user interface is quite understandable due to the main aim of the app is to record the screen of the device.
    The installation process is very easy and the app and the software on the computer give clear instructions at every step of the way.


    I liked the free Android screen recorder app so much that I actually purchased the paid version for a very reasonable price.
    In the free version there will be a watermark of on the bottom right of your video. This is acceptable as the app does a really great job so one does not mind.
    The paid version does not add this watermark which is good since the user has paid for the app and there are more settings available to the user.
    The app itself was really easy to use. All you have to do is after installing and activating your app is to open the app and then press the record button in the action bar.
    There are a number of different settings which range from setting the frame rate to the quality of the video to enabling and disabling drawing your touches on the screen and much more settings at your disposal.
    As soon as the recording starts you can go to your app and start using it. However the device does become less responsive as you continue to record, but it is bearable. I myself don’t mind this issue, as the resulting video that i get is good for me. You may have a different opinion regarding this.

    One of the the best feature of this app as mentioned earlier is the fact that your device will not need to be rooted in order to use this app.


    I highly recommend this app as it makes recording videos for your app demos very easy to do, and this app delivers what it  promises to do so. This app is the value for your money.

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  • App Review: Evernote Android App


    Evernote is a cloud based note taking app available for  number of different platforms. I will be reviewing the Android app of Evernote.

    UX, Design and Ease of Use

    The Android app has been beautifully designed. The user interface is intuitive and the beginner user does not need any tutorial to start using the app. The first screen after logging into the app is the screenshot which allows you to create your new notes. I use a smart phone with 5 inch screen in portrait mode so I have quite a large typing area which makes It easy for me to type as I like to see what i have written a few lines above the current line. The text styling controls and bullets have been laid at the bottom of the typing area just above the keyboard which makes it further easy to type.

    The submit button and other controls such as the attachment button have been laid at the top of the screen.  This helps the user from incorrectly  performing any function which can have some side effects.
    The menu can be opened by swiping the screen from left to right or by pressing the back button at the top left of the screen when the app is launched, which has other useful features.


    The usefulness of the app lies in its use of the cloud and how seamlessly the app and other platforms sync seamlessly with the cloud. For example I have written this review on Evernote itself and this review will be saved in my phone’s memory until the app is synced with the cloud.
    I have the app at my disposal where ever I am and I can jot down all of my ideas right there and then even if I do not have n internet connection. The app syncs with the cloud as soon as I connect my smart phone to the internet. The cloud further helps keep my data safe. I don’t have to worry about my phone crashing and me losing all of my notes.

    Other Features

     There are more controls in the menu such as the “Add New Note”, “Take Picture”, “Record Audio”, and “Add Attachments”, which allows the user to add these items to their notes fairly easily. You can even create and manage notebooks so that you can organize your notes.


    I congratulate the Evernote team for make truly a remarkable app and even more a truly remarkable system with which the app integrates into. I highly recommend this app to all.

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